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June Newsletter 2022 – Issue 3

Room For Improvement

With updates and rebranding on its way, Great Oak Funding sent out surveys to its past and present borrowers to obtain feedback.

“Jason Downey, a trusted lender.”

-Jake Bamberger

As a company which values both consistency and customer satisfaction, Great Oak Funding decided to send out an exit survey to past and present borrowers who had the opportunity to work with us.

One respondent of the survey, Jake Bamberger, owner of Certa Butler, mentioned how trustworthy, Jason Downey, our Chief of Loan Operations Officer played a huge role in his decision on working with the company.

To show appreciate to those who have sent in a response, Great Oak Funding created a “goody box” filled with little trinkets such as pens, a company coffee cup, hand sanitizer and more.

Promotions & Introductions

Jordan Addison has been promoted to account manager after one year in her role as the internal sales associate. The company is excited to watch her grow within the company. Congratulations Jordan!

Not only do we have a promotion on our team, but we have welcomed two new employees to the family.

First we have Win Thu, the accountant. His goals include broadening his accounting skillsets, increasing professional development, and improving his quality of work. Win in excited to continue his passion for learning and working hard while here at the company.

We also have Alyssa Palmer who is a recent graduate from Wright State University. She has joined the team into the investors relations position, highlighting her skills as a great communicator.