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Happy President’s Day!

It’s the first day of Black History Month!


It is that time of year when everyone wipes their slates clean and starts over. Great Oak Funding can help you clean your slate. Contact us today!

We can still close your loan this year. Contact us today!

Today is Native American Heritage Day!

What are some of the things that annoy you about lenders? Comment below!

Today is the first day of American Indian Heritage Month!

The last quarter of the year is here. How are you preparing financially for the upcoming year? Great Oak Funding can help. Contact us today!

Welcome to our new series of “Do You Know” posts to help you learn more about us our products! Here’s our first one! Contact us with any questions!

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month! Join us in celebrating!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Thank your future self. Give us a call today!

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Great Oak Funding, also known as A Smart Decision, is calling. Will you pick up? Contact us today to see why we are a smart decision for you!

Happy Women’s History Month!




Don’t lose an opportunity because of rate fear. Contact us today.

You told us your grievances, now it’s time for strengths. Comment below the strengths you see within our company.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thank you veterans!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Fall is here. Don’t fall into a bad relationship. The Great Oak Funding team can spring you forward! Contact us today to get started!


To-do lists are important. Make sure you finish all of your tasks! Get with us today!

Ashley Walker is the Administrative Director at Great Oak Funding. In this new role, she is looking forward to developing her financial literacy skills that will be useful both professionally and personally. Welcome to the team Ashley! #team

At Great Oak Funding, we use our expertise to guide you with your financing needs. Would you rather have this or that? Comment down below!

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Here are 3 reasons you should start working with Great Oak Funding

Introducing Alyssa Palmer, who has entered into our Investor Relations position here at Great Oak Funding! Welcome to the team!

Introducing Win Thu, our new Accountant here at Great Oak Funding!

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Our very own Jordan Addison has been promoted! After a year of being our Internal Sales Associate, she will now be our Account Manager. Please join us in congratulating her!